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A week with Jorina: Hot Yoga Intensive in Las Palmas

hot yoga intensive training in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

27.9.-4.10.2023 for only 700€


Jorina is a one in a million yogi with an unbelievable practice. She started with Bikram Yoga, took the training with Bikram Choudhury in Spring 2011, and stayed with him and Emmy Cleaves at Bikram Yoga headquarters for nearly a year, practicing beginners or advanced daily, teaching, being on staff for teacher trainings. Her determination led to self practice of different styles, taking and teaching countless classes world wide. As a physical doctor in training she connects the dots between yoga and science.

Jorina has been teaching a successful "yoga challenge" class at sunyoga Berlin Friedrichshain for many years and built up an advanced yoga community around the studio. Teju and Thomas, both experienced yoga teachers with many hours of practice with Jorina will assist her in this intense training week.

Together they guarentee to put your yoga practice on a new level. You will practice on the beach and in a well designed hot yoga studio in Las Palmas which is exclusivly rented for you. Don't miss this life changing experience to expand your knowlegde and yoga practice with Jorina and her team.

Flights starts at around 300€ and you can find many rooms and apartments to rent in Las Palmas.

On arrival day you can join an evening class and on departure day a morning class in the studio.

If you want to take part and you live in Berlin come to Jorinas hot challenge class at Sunyoga Friedrichshain (Monday 7.45pm) at least 3 times prior to the training. If you apply from outside Berlin, Jorina will get in contact with you concerning your level of practise.

>> more info and sign up

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