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Flexibility February

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For many, attainable goals like learning how to do the splits or just do a struggle-free forward fold feature heavily on their New Year’s Resolutions and Bucket Lists. Here are 6 flexibility special classes with a highly skilled teacher to reach your goals in February: Our muscle-warming, spacious hot yoga studios are perfectly placed to welcome in newcomers and experienced yogis.

Get Flexi for Feb’ features six weekend classes that focus on warming up, stretching and

strengthening different muscle groups, each building on the last to cover those tight and tricky areas like hips flexors, quads, hamstrings and calves in order to finally reach those illusive poses.

Now, it’s widely known that stretching in warmer temperatures increases mobility and promotes a greater range of motion, because your body doesn't cool out after a proper warm up.

• Always wanted to slide into a front split? We’ll help you work on

your hamstrings.

• Wanna touch your toes first time (without having to do the

awkward shoulder shuffle)? Let’s target the calves.

• How about just sitting comfortably in reclined hero pose? It’s

time to strengthen those hip flexors.

When it comes to goals, attendees will likely have different ranges of levels of mobility and experience in yoga. The teacher will address that and leaves you with ideas for your personal practise at home to increase your individual range of motion.

90 minutes Special classes with Eva are happening on the weekends in both studios:


Saturday, 10., 17., and 24. February 13.30-15.00


Sunday, 11., 18., and 25. February 15.00-16.30

Special classes are like regular classes in the schedules and you can book them online with your Sunyoga ticket or USC/Class Pass.

Meet your teacher: Eva has been training dance since the age of five. She has a passion for functional movement and loves to geek out on medical studies on what actually helps you reach your flexibility goals. She believes range of motion equals freedom and she wants you to feel incredible in your body.

Explore the radiance of your being! 🌞

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