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Three days with the Toltec Master: Fr-Su, 13th, 14th and 15th March 2020 from 10am-5pm

Nahualism and Dreaming (Level 1)

In this first level the worldwide known author Sergio Magaña will teach us about the different cycles of Dreaming and how to use all of them to improve and create our reality.

First of all we will learn the practice for the hypnagogic state, before falling asleep, named Mexicatzin, in te one that we sow or plant dreams with different archetypes in order to command our unconsciousness to dream that and manifest it in our life.

Also we will learn to enter through conscious dreaming in the first cycle of the night, the one of Delta brain waves or deep sleep with lucidity to enter into dreaming meditation, that in the Toltec Tradition is called cochitzinco, the venerable place of sleeping without dreams, that for certain traditions 5 minutes there have the benefits of 7 days of meditation retreat.

After that we will learn many different ways to wake up in our dreams, Lucidity, to create our reality, solve problems, heal and manifest.

Also techniques for dream recall and interpretation to cancel the dreams that are creating certain problems in our lifes.

Don´t miss this unique opportunity to explore the third part of your life that you use sleeping!

Contibution: 400€ / EARLY BIRD untill 31.12. only 350€

Location: SUNYOGA Studio Friedrichshain, Torellstr. 17, 10243 Berlin

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