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Neue Klassen und neue Lehrerinnen

Wir brezeln den Kursplan weiter für dich auf:


Mo, 10-11:00 hot classic60 mit Elsa (starting 4.10.)


Mo, 10-11:00 hot hatha60 (EN) with Teju (starting 18.10.)

Sa, 16-17:00 hot vinyasa60 (EN) with Katy (starting 9.10.)

Su, 09:30-10:30 hot hatha75 (EN) with Teju (starting 10.10.)

Su, 11.15-12:30 hot dynamic75 (EN) with Patty (starting 10.10.)

Und ab November gibt es ganz neue Formate in Englisch im Studio Friedrichshain:


A fun and powerful yoga class to activate your core with work on abdominal muscles, back, and glutes. A balanced mix of ab exercises with music, Pilates exercises and breathing. Surely you can expect some crunches and all plank varieties before finally enjoy the relaxation with guided meditation at the end of class.


Healthy back and detox: The class creates a balance between passively holding poses (yin) and bringing up the energy through a slow detox flow with backbends and twists (yang). The warm room supports the release toxins and keeps you warm while in relaxation. The feeling of letting go culminates in a final deep and long savasana guided with sound bowls.

Our new teacher Patty is a super passionate, high motivative, unconditional loving, spiritual, joyful, energetic yoga teacher who loves to share her knowledge of yoga practice with people of all ages.

She has over 5 years of professional experience instructing a variety of classes including fixed sequenced classes such as hot yoga and also non fixed sequences like yin yang, hatha, vinyasa, core, hiit yoga and also yoga trapaze and yoga therapy.

Patty loves inspiring yogis with long term practise as well as beginners to improve their well being and healthy lifestyle. It all leads you to find your inner peace through her deep knowledge of asanas and relaxation, breathing techniques, healing energy and meditation.

Also new to the Sunyoga team is Teju: Classically trained in Hatha, Hatha Vinyasa and Asthanga yoga style in India, Teju starts her classes with a calming Pranayama. Further she mainly focuses on awareness of body movement as the central philosophy for exploring the mind, body and breath–keeping in mind the correct alignment and techniques. She introduces yoga asanas through challenging and creative vinyasa flows (breathe and movement combined) to have an unique inner body experience and adapt the flows to suit the energy of the people in the room.

And lastly her yoga class forces you to slow down, be present and turn your gaze inwards.

Inhale the Light! 🌞



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