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Urbanhotyogaretreat: ADVANCED WORKSHOP mit Jorina Innocent

Advanced hot yoga immersion: this year we’ll take a deeper dive into your personal practice and progress!

- you have a solid hot yoga practice and you wish a little more time to understand some of the more advanced postures? - or you keep trying but somehow you’re missing the proper technique? - you just wanna have a fun, sweaty workout in a tiny yoga bubble two days in a row? This is for you!

With a base in the series of 84 asanas deriving from the Ghosh lineage and beyond, we’ll explore backbends, arm balances, hip openers and inversions! The Ghosh Lineage implements postures of styles of all parts of India and puts them into a sequence. We will break the sequence here and there to find fun transitions or go deeper into a certain area/movement.

2 workshops, 3 hours each, lots of fun and individual corrections. We’ll finish each class with a cool down period and pranayama breathing. FRIDAY, 1.10., 18.00-21.00h FOCUS BACKBENDS + ARM BALANCES SATURDAY, 2.10., 17.00-20.00h FOCUS INVERSIONS + HIP OPENERS *** NOT SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS *** Ideally you practice already for a while, regularly take the hot fusion or hot challenge or have been taking more advanced classes in a different yoga style. If you’re not sure whether this workshop is for you or not, just come to the hot challenge on Monday’s and talk to Jorina. Jorina is a hot yoga teacher since 2011, has practiced Advanced and studied with the founder of the original hot yoga Bikram Choudhury and director of headquarters Emmy Cleaves for 9 months, and taught the original and advanced hot yoga on four continents. Studying with BKS Iyengar’s original methods (no props) has been a big influence on her practice and teaching as well. Expanding the understanding of the musculoskeletal system and physiology she studies medicine since 2016 at Charité University Hospital. PRICING: both workshops 80€, early bird 70€ (until 15.09.21).

individual classes: 45€, early bird 40€ (until 15.09.21) ***

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