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YOGA & VOICE with Mia Raz

A new Yoga experience created by Mia Raz at Sunyoga: Yoga & Voice is a full of fun session based on more than ten years of training and practise as an actor, singer and body worker, to help you to find more ease in using your voice & body.

A combo of a gentle voice warmup and Vinyasa yoga, with a special focus on Psoas muscle (hips/core), where we “store” our emotions. Being formed in our mother’s womb, surrounded by water, our body needs fluidity to restore 🌊

Playing with free body movements is the best medicine for all the pain, tension, and stiffness. The session’s aim is not only to relieve stress. It is also about having fun with the simple use of our senses.


Saturdays, 13:30-14.45 Yoga & Voice with Mia Raz

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