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Chakra Workshop with Yin Chakra Class

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Saturday, April 27th STUDIO FRIEDRICHSHAIN 1pm-6pm

A workshop with master class from Vamsi Krishna an authentic Indian yoga teacher with 30 years of practice experience and training teachers for past 9 years.

In the Chakra Workshop followed by the Yin Chakra Class, participants can expect a comprehensive exploration of the subtle energy centers within the body, known as chakras, followed by a specialized Yin Yoga practice tailored to balance and activate these energy centers. Here is a breakdown of what will be covered:

Theory (2.5-3 hours): Delve into the energetic anatomy of the chakras, learning about their functions, imbalances, and practices for harmonizing and awakening these vital energy centers.

Asana Practice (1-1.5 hours): Engage in a chakra-balancing yoga sequence designed to activate, cleanse, and align the subtle body.

Contribution: 70€ (inkl. 19% ges.MwSt.)

Chakra Theory Workshop in detail:

Introduction to Chakras: Understanding Nadis, how chakras are formed, the seven main chakras, their locations, associated colors, elements, and psychological/ emotional


CHAKRA SYSTEM OVERVIEW: Exploring the interconnectedness of the chakras and their role in maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

SIGNS OF IMBALANCE: Identifying symptoms of imbalanced chakras and their impact on overall health and vitality.

BALANCING TECHNICS: Learning various techniques such as breathwork, visualization, affirmations, and meditation to balance and align the chakras.

PRACTICLA APPLICATIONS: Exploring how balanced chakras can enhance overall life experience, including relationships, creativity, communication, and spiritual growth.

Yin Chakra Class:

SETTING INTENTIONS: Setting intentions for the Yin Chakra Class to focus on balancing specific chakras or addressing areas of imbalance.

GENTLE ASANAS: Engaging in a series of gentle Yin Yoga poses held for an extended duration to target the connective tissues and stimulate the flow of energy through the chakras.

CHAKRA ACTIVATION: Incorporating poses and sequences specifically designed to activate and harmonize each of the seven chakras, allowing participants to experience a deeper

connection with their energy centers.

MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION: Cultivating mindfulness and inner awareness through guided meditation and relaxation techniques, encouraging participants to tune into the subtle sensations within their bodies.

Integration and Reflection: Allowing time for reflection and integration at the end of the practice, inviting participants to notice any shifts or insights that may have arisen during the session.

Overall, the Chakra Workshop followed by the Yin Chakra Class offers a holistic approach to understanding and working with the chakras, combining theoretical knowledge with experiential practices to promote balance, healing, and inner transformation.

About Vamsi:

Born in the South of  India, In a yoga family, Vamsi Krishna Gadwala started his yoga asana practices at the age of eight under the guidance of his mother and father who are Yoga and Ayurveda practitioners. Vamsi comes from a very traditional south Indian family, but as a young generation in India with a scientific academic background he is rather a modern seeker, travelling all over the world and staying open to other cultures. Vamsi took on to the path of meditation and self-discovery in 2002. In 2014 he moved to Himalayas to learn and meditate on the paths of Yoga and also became certified Yoga teacher from Yoga Alliance, sharpening his knowledge of Yoga into sharing as a teacher. He is experienced in teaching Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa flow, Yin styles along with Prenatal, Pranayamas and Meditations. Vamsi has a long standing association with Trimurti Yoga in training hundreds of Yoga aspirants across the globe.

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