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Do you want to try out hot yoga?

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Actually it is very easy: Just book a class and show up! 🤓

And here are some things to know for a really good first class:

- Come 20 minutes early for your first class!!! - but it’s always recommended to tune in the hot room for some minutes before class starts.

- Have your water bottle, 2 towels and yoga mat with you. You can also rent mats and towels (2€ ea) and buy a glass bottle in the studio. We provide filtered and vitalized water in our studios.

- With the STARTER package you can join as many classes as you want in both studios for 8 consecutive days.

- We have many English classes, look for (EN) behind the teachers name in the schedule. Even when you attain a German you will get the benefits, because all teachers speak fluent English and are happy to help out if you let them know before class that you don’t understand German.

- Wear light gear. Cotton shirts and jogging pants are not recommended.

- Don’t eat much 2-3 hours before class.

- Don’t drink caffaine before class.

- Hot classic is a beginners yoga class 😉 absolutely safe and therapeutic. So start with that–if you're more experienced already you can start with any of our classes.

- Take it easy in class! You don’t have to do a perfect pose to get the benefits. Take breaks, rest and get back when you feel up for it. Give yourself time to get comfortable with the heat.

- Please book ahead online:

Studio Kreuzberg >>

Studio Friedrichshain >>

Tap into the light source! 🌞

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