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Do you want to try out hot yoga?

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Actually it is very easy: Just book a class and show up! 🤓

And here are some things to know for a really good first class:

- With the Starter package you can join as many classes as you want in both studios for 8 consecutive days.

- Have your water bottle, 2 towels and yoga mat with you. You can also rent mats and towels (2€ ea) and buy a glass bottle in the studio. We provide filtered and vitalized water in our studios.

- Come 20 minutes early for your first class. It’s always good to tune in the hot room for some minutes before class starts.

- We have many English classes, look for (EN) behind the teachers name in the schedule. All teachers speak fluent English and are happy to help out if you let them know before class that you don’t understand German for your first class.

- Wear light gear. Cotton shirts and jogging pants are not recommended.

- Don’t eat much 2-3 hours before class.

- Don’t drink caffaine before class.

- Hot classic is a beginners yoga class 😉 absolutely safe and therapeutic. So start with that–if you're more experienced already you can start with any of our classes.

- Take it easy in class! You don’t have to do a perfect pose to get the benefits. Take breaks, rest and get back when you feel up for it. Give yourself time to get comfortable with the heat.

- Please book ahead online:

Studio Kreuzberg >>

Studio Friedrichshain >>

Tap into the light source! 🌞

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